Dental Implants

Change Your Life With Implants

  • Speak clearly, eat easily, & smile freely
  • Secure replacement teeth without denture adhesive
  • Replace any number of teeth with implants

Rebuild Your Smile With Dental Implants in Fort Lauderdale

Missing teeth make everyday activities like eating like more difficult. You can regain your quality of life by replacing them with dental implants in Fort Lauderdale, FL. With these replacement tooth roots, you can do some important things:

  • Eat anything you would like
  • Recreate a complete smile
  • Speak clearly and naturally
  • Protect your long-term jaw health
  • Revive your confidence

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Revive Your Oral Health With Strong Teeth Replacements

You want replacement teeth that look natural. You also want to know that your teeth will remain in place and put power back into your bite. Implants give you those things. They also protect you from bone loss in your jaw.

We work with an oral surgeon to ensure your implants are placed correctly. Then, we add your restorations. Your new teeth are as good as — if not better than — the real thing. Come here for any of these options:

  • Implant-Supported Crowns – An implant paired with a dental crown is a complete artificial tooth. It looks natural and recreates your complete smile.
  • Implant-Supported Bridges – To replace multiple teeth, implants can provide the foundation that secures your dental bridge.
  • Implant-Secured Dentures – Make your dentures as stable as possible without any adhesive.
  • All-on-4 Dental Implants – We’ll add restorations as part of this procedure that can get you a full arch of new teeth in less time.

Some people have anxiety when it comes to implant restoration. To ease your concerns about the procedure, you can receive oral sedation. It will keep you calm, relaxed, and pain-free throughout the process.

Implants are an investment in your oral health. You can keep your implants for the rest of your life with proper care. That should include regular visits with your general dentist. Professional cleanings and exams allow us to identify and treat potential problems (such as gum disease), so you can maintain your new smile.

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Common Questions About Dental Implants
What are dental implants?

Modern dental implants function as artificial roots for replacement teeth. Implants are anchored directly in your jawbone, like the roots of natural teeth are. Your jaw bonds to the implants to keep them securely in place. This provides a stable support system for crowns, bridges, or dentures. Implants also stimulate your jawbone, reducing your risk of bone loss, which is common after someone loses teeth.

Can dental implants be removed?

Technically, dental implants can be removed, although it is unlikely you would ever need to have that done. Once your implants have been placed in your jawbone, they completely bond with it and can last for decades, if not the rest of your life. Your replacement teeth that are anchored to your implants have an average life span of five to 10 years.

Are dental implants worth it?

Although they are more expensive than conventional dentures, dental implants are a worthy investment in your oral and overall health and your quality of life moving forward. They’re a potentially lifelong solution that preserves the structural foundation of your mouth and prevents future tooth loss. Implants also allow you to eat what you love, and help you enjoy better nutrition, digestion, and health in the long term.